An overview of a typical flow when building a virtual or augmented reality experience. During the production process, our service offering covers all skills needed, however, to ensure alignment with your design guides and to deliver to the highest possible standards we often collaborate with your internal resources or your agency.


Description of the idea, the purpose of the experience, the target group and your goals. Based on the input we prepare a short presentation including our first proposal of the design, the content and a potential production plan. When the brief and the plan have been agreed upon, we will suggest a production budget.


Next step is to draw a storyboard with the tour structure. Included is a detailed list of the content to be used in the experience, the layout and the user interface. Often content like your existing videos, images or even copy text can be reused and get a new immersive life in a VR/AR experience.


We make sure that all needed panoramic photos, videos, graphic elements, objects, sounds and copy text are produced, and potential existing content is modified. When the content is approved the experience is coded into a final solution ready to launch.


We deliver an all-inclusive file package ready to host on your server in a few steps or we can host the solution on our server. Before the launch, we offer to share our extensive experience on how you can successfully integrate the experience into your social media and marketing campaigns.